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This site has been created to provide you with the tools to effectively workout in the comfort of your own home. Little to no equipment is needed! This site offers two ways to workout: On-Demand workouts (perfect for people with busy schedules who need to be able to workout at a time that works best for them!) and Real Time Virtual Fitness Classes (a.k.a. "JazzLIVE"). 

JazzLIVE Fitness Classes are great for anyone looking for accountability at home. If you enjoy group fitness classes (or have always wanted to try one), there is no better way to do that than from the comfort of your own home! Feel safe knowing that all classes are taught by Certified Fitness Trainers. Classes are offered via zoom so you can choose to keep your video on or off during your workout (You will never be pressured in anyway as we understand that one of the many perks of virtual fitness classes is not having to be seen if you don't want to be!) Rest assured that we will be having fun while sweating with you every step of the way.


 Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to being on this journey with you!


~Trainer Jazz

CEO & Founder of Fitness with Jazz, LLC

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How has the pandemic affected speech and language development for young children? "Growing up in a Pandemic" will address all of these questions are more. Whether you work with children or have children of your own, this book is for you. We will dive deep into the effects of the pandemic on speech and language development. With the tools provided in this book, you will learn how to help your child communicate effectively, reduce tantrums, and remove the barriers that are causing delays in your child's speech.

New-Fitness with Jazz Apparel!

Faith inspired fitness apparel. Created by women for women. 

View my newest product line which includes clothing, yoga mats, mugs, and more! I was personally inspired to create this faith-inspired fitness apparel line after realizing the only thing that truly helped me get through life's struggles was by staying connected to God. Turning towards His presence, through both the good and bad times, brings so much peace and abundance in our lives.

So happy to finally be able to spread the word of the Lord (through some of my favorite bible verses) with you! 

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JazzLIVE is an online studio that offers targeted 15- 45 minute classes such as kickboxing, yoga, booty bands, abs and more. These specialized classes are led by certified fitness coaches (LIVE!) to provide a unique experience. We understand health and fitness is a broad field, which is why we offer a variety of classes to choose from. Our goal is to help our members find what truly works for them. Delivered at set times for accountably from the comfort of your home at just $29/mo, there is no doubt JazzLIVE is the best online fitness resource for everyone.


One size does not fit all. Modifications and challenges are shown throughout EVERY workout so that everyone can succeed! Listen to your body and modify when needed. Feel free to take breaks whenever you need them, and then jump back in whenever you are ready. We promise the more workouts you do, the easier it will get and the stronger you will become!

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We know that one type of workout does not work for everyone, which is why you will find a variety of workout formats (e.g. Kickboxing, Abs, Arms, Booty, Cardio, HIIT, Barre, Yoga etc.). Research shows that you are more likely to maintain a workout that you enjoy. So try out the different classes to find the ones you truly enjoy!

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Don't be discouraged if you have limited equipment at home. These workouts have been created for that very reason! If you show up and put in the effort, we promise you will torch serious calories, boost the metabolism, and improve your overall health and well-being. <3

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What They’re Saying

Jasmine has great energy and is an expert at creating a welcoming atmosphere for all ages and fitness levels. I highly recommend!

Amy M.

Love Jasmine's classes whether it is at OTF or Werq! She knows exactly what to say to keep me going and always challenges me to lift heavier! Highly recommend!

Megan P.

Love the variety of classes Jasmine offers and how she is able to modify exercises to work for everyone!

Katie S.

Pink Sky


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Live-Stream Classes held via Zoom



Workout Anytime, Anywhere

using a Computer or Phone

Thoughtfully designed workouts you can do in your living room with limited space and zero equipment unless otherwise specified.

Online Zumba Lesson

Highly effective and individualized, there is no one-size-fits-all approach

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Fitness with Jazz, LLC

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