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Speech Therapy Services

Here you will find the speech services currently offered, recommended books to encourage speech and language development, and more!

As a Speech Language Pathologist, I work with children to help improve their expressive and receptive language skills. I specialize in the birth to three year old population, but can provide speech consultations for children of all ages. If you have concerns with your child's speech and language, a speech consultation will give you the answers you are looking for.

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How has the pandemic affected speech and language development for young children? "Growing up in a Pandemic" will address all of these questions are more. Whether you work with children or have children of your own, this book is for you. We will dive deep into the effects of the pandemic on speech and language development. With the tools provided in this book, you will learn how to help your child communicate effectively, reduce tantrums, and remove the barriers that are causing delays in your child's speech.

*Full Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of LOVEVERY and earn a small affiliate commission with each sale.)

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