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Updated: Jul 4

Right now, more then ever, community and connection are SO important! It is always easier to stick with an exercise routine or healthy lifestyle when we have others to do that with. Join the Fitness with Jazz Community to connect with other fitness minded friends, share sweaty selfies and recipes, find inspiration, and get ready to tone up with your trainer Jazz! Here are a few ways that you can stay connected with others during this new era of virtual fitness.

  • Join the Facebook group "Fitness with Jazz Community"

  • Download the Wix App and join the "Fitness with Jazz Community" group

  • Join us for some of the LIVE workouts so you're sweating with us in real time

  • Make virtual workout dates with girlfriends and do your on demand workouts together on FaceTime or Zoom.

  • Virtual meal prep dates and happy hours are so fun too

Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@fitnesswithjazz_) to stay in the loop. Some women in the community create new fitness accounts for accountability, post-workout checkins (we have prizes coming up for checking in), and if you want to keep your family photos separate from your fitness account.

When you post, make sure to tag @fitnesswithjazz_ and use the hashtag #Fitnesswithjazz so I can see your beautiful face and cheer you on 😘. Comment on a post or DM a new girl and introduce yourself ~ this community is SO welcoming! 

Have more questions? I am always here to support you!


Trainer Jazz

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JazzLIVE Schedule


9:00-9:30am CST

Warrior Sculpt Flow

5:00-5:50pm CST


WERQ Dance Fitness


5:00-5:50pm CST



10:00-10:45am CST

WERQ Dance Fitness


5:00-5:45pm CST

Booty Barre


5:00-5:50pm CST

WERQ Dance Fitness


10:00-10:30am CST

Superbabe Arms


9:00-9:45am CST

Sunrise Yoga (on the beautiful beach of Laguna!)

*All classes are held via Zoom unless specified otherwise. 

*Note in order to take a class, you will need to sign up for it (even the free classes) in order to receive your special zoom link. Click "Sign up for Class" to get registered for the class. Follow @fitnesswithjazz_ on Instagram to stay up to date on latest class offerings!

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