Alcohol cheat sheet + recipe!

I believe enjoying life is super important and trying to eat and drink clean 100% of the time (in my opinion) will only lead to binge eating/drinking etc. when you finally cave in to that craving. I wanted to share with you a cheat sheet that I use for myself that allows you to enjoy alcohol 🍷 without feeling like 💩!

Here are 3 things to take into consideration when it comes to alcohol:

1) Sleep 💤 : Research shows that alcohol causes our bodies to have difficulty getting into the deep restorative stage of sleep we need to feel our best. Cutting out alcohol atleast 2 hours before bedtime can help you get better sleep.

2) Sugar 🍬 : It’s usually the sugar in the drinks that makes you feel bad the next day. Keep this in mind when ordering or making a drink.

3) Hydration 💦: The headache experienced the next day is caused from dehydration. Increase your water intake through your day or night can help lessen or alleviate the headache all together. I always drink a bottle of water before going to bed (yes it will make you have to pee in the middle of the night but so will the alcohol!) 😂

I love me a good Aperol Spritz 🥂 (it takes me back to Italy 🇮🇹 ) —— Sharing my favorite recipe with you! 🍾

What’s your go-to?


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